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“He provided my team with fantastic insight into how people purchased media, advising us on how best to open up proceedings, what type of information we needed before closing the sale, and, most importantly, the thought process behind people’s decisions. The feedback from my team was incredibly positive and you could hear Anthony’s coaching in their daily conversations with customers.” Director of New Business Development, Newsbase

“Anthony is an instinctive, supportive and understanding coach who brings an incomparable wealth of business and professional experience to his coaching practice”. CEO, Chapel House Consultancy

“Hi Anthony, Firstly, a huge thanks to you and the coaching that you have provided me over the last few weeks. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in my personal and career development; I look forward to putting the techniques that I have learnt into practice over the course of my career. The few sessions which we had, you did a fantastic job and helping me realise my potential and helped me to re-imagine the possibilities I could achieve. I had a few epiphanies during our time together, such as my status within the team; like my age, my own personality and why that would be benefit to teams, but also my flaws.” Senior End User Support Engineer, GE Aviation

 “I’ve known Anthony since my very first day as a sales professional more than sixteen years ago, and it’s fair to say that the reason I’m still in the media business is in large part down to him: not only has Anthony been more than ready to pass on his invaluable wisdom and experience, but his wonderful passion for the profession is highly contagious. As a sales director his nose for the deal is matched with a deep, intuitive and enviable understanding of how the human mind works, and as a senior colleague and coach he has been patient and appropriate in giving high quality advice. I owe him a great deal.”  Commercial Director, Financial Times

“I believe it has given me the tools to fulfil my objective. Anthony developed an excellent programme, had knowledge of my industry and importantly, understanding of the types of people that find themselves working in it. This was a great aid to our discussions and to my resulting personal development.” Head of Digital Development, Financial Times

“Until we spoke, I don’t feel I had done much self-analysing, I’m not too sure how self-aware I am, it was useful to be questioned and question myself on what I want, where I feel my strengths/weakness are and so on… Although it was not easy to do, I feel it was beneficial to do this exercise.  It did highlight insecurities, that we discussed and went some way to resolve or certainly begin to address. Overall, I feel good, I believe I have more confidence in dealing with my colleagues and more direction in where I feel and want my career to go. Again, thank you for your time and insight, it was good to meet you and get to know you” Sales Manager, Stabilo

“Anthony has a very welcoming nature and he easily relates to what is being discussed. He uses very informative tools to access one’s abilities and then examines in detail specific points that these results have raised. I have found the experience most enlightening and informative and it has allowed me to proactively follow up on opportunities that I had previously felt out of reach for me.  Thank you very much for empowering me.” MD, Mcleod Russel India

“I really enjoyed working with Anthony. His significant experience in business gave him a lot of credibility and made me feel that he wasn’t just a business coach who had studied the theory. His listening skills were excellent and he was at good at asking questions that made me really think about where I wanted to take my career, and things I could do to develop myself.  I have taken away from our discussions the need to think about how others with very different mindsets think. The discussions with Anthony made me realise that working with people with a different mindset would enrich my career and keep things interesting.” Group Finance Director, Metaswitch, a Microsoft company

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